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Tips for beginning teachers.

If you are just beginning the adventure that becoming a teacher can be, here are some useful tips to take some of the stress off your shoulders.

  1. Make it simple: You are the filter between the book and the students. Eliminate technical concepts, leave them far from your explanation. Technical or "researched" words. They make understanding more difficult. It is better to synthesize and/or paraphrase the information with more common vocabulary.

  2. Master the topics: It seems obvious and it should not be necessary to point this out, but you must study and have complete control and management over the topics you are explaining. Learn it once, you will use it many more times.

  3. Error handling: Don't try to correct all the errors you hear, just focus on those that are part of the topic being covered in class. Otherwise students will feel frustrated if you are constantly pausing to correct them. It is important to correct, but it is also important that students begin to produce, even if they make mistakes sometimes.

  4. Handling your mistakes: You are not a machine, you are a human being. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. You cannot know everything, you are not a dictionary to know the meaning of each word or expression. You are not Google.

  5. Practice: Make sure you constantly practice with the students, not only the topic of the current class, but also the previous ones. Otherwise students will begin to forget what they previously learned.

  6. Homework: Only leave homework when you think it is really necessary to reinforce the class. We recommend that you do not leave homework if you manage group classes, much less if you have more than one group. In the end you will be going out of your way to qualify more than you can.

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