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Music, another language

Over the years, different benefits that music provides have been discovered. Even if it is not practiced professionally, there are several positive things that listening to music and learning to play a musical instrument can give us.

Improves the mood: who among us has not turned an extremely absurd or boring task into something more bearable, or even fun by just adding a little music? Whether it's your favorite playlist, or even as simple as playing the radio in the background, almost any task can be made more bearable with the presence of music.

Improves health: when listening to music or playing a musical instrument, blood pressure decreases, which is beneficial for the heart.

Improves intelligence: It was proven in a study at the University of South Florida. than older adults between 60 and 65 years old. They improved their memory by learning to play the piano. When listening, learning and interpreting music, our brain makes neural connections in different areas.

So now you know, these and other benefits are what comes with learning to play a musical instrument.

Now you can also learn to play a musical instrument (guitar, piano, bass, drums, singing) with Mozart Academia Musical and Crush Language School.

You can put together your package and take advantage of special promotions for those who want to learn to speak English or French and are also interested in learning to play a musical instrument.

Learn to speak another language while learning a musical instrument!

Contact directly through a message on this website or through our social networks. Mozart Musical Academy and Crush Language School.

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