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Learning Spanish it's not that hard with us

So, let me guess, you came to Mexico or to any other spanish spoken country and you don't know how to speak spanish. Well if you are in Mexico, you probably have already realized that people are always joking around and having fun all the time. People in our country are often really friendly, you don't have be worried of making mistakes if you try to speak spanish, they're just gonna have a joke or two and move on.

To be fair, spanish language has more forms and more than one way to say the same thing, for instance verbs change a lot with every pronoun, and in every tense. The biggest difference that I can see between english and spanish, is that english verbs don't really change with pronouns most of the time, I mean, they change with tenses a little bit, but the core word usually remains somehow. Let me give you an example of this; in english you say "I learned how to drive", and from there the only word that changes it's just basically the pronoun; "you learned how to drive, he learned how to drive, she learned how to drive"...and so on. Now, that same idea in spanish "Yo aprendí como manejar" (I learned how to drive) "Tú aprendiste como manejar" (You learned how to drive) "Ella aprendió como manejar" (She learned how to drive) and so on. So notice, that in spanish the verb form changes in the way that it's written and in the way that is said. That's just one of the reasons that spanish could be a bit more difficult to get, because since the form of the verbs you involve more vocabulary.

Nevertheless, you can learn faster than you can imagine with our one on one lessons, this way of studying is better than group lessons because the teachers can just be focused on you and in your personal development and progress. You will learn a lot with our course of "Spanish As A Foreign Language", which is given by professors that also speak english in a very high and developed level.

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